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Ngapali Beach

ngapaliThe Ngapali beach, white-sand beach and crystal clear water, has been influence not only to the Myanmar people but also to the Myanmar’s tourist for several years.

How to get There:

Located at the Rakhine Coast near Thandwe(Sandoway), Ngapali is one of the beautiful beaches in Myanmar. This unspoilt beach is 35min flight from Yangon. By overland from Yangon, it is 14hour drive along the narrow winding road over the Rakhine Yoma(mountain range) after crossing the Ayeyarwaddy River at Pyay(Prome).

Activities & Facilities:

Apart from swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling, visitors can also rent bicycles to explore the surrounding area. There is an 18-hole Golf Course, Located 15 minute drive from the beach. A wide choice of hotels are available.

When to go:

The best time to visit the beach is from mid-October to May, when a number of airlines offer flights from Yangon and the weather is clear.


Chaung Tha

chaung-thaChaungtha Beach has clear water and soft, clean white sand and is fringed by palm trees.

How to get There:

Chaung-Tha Beach is located 49km to the west of Pathein (Bassein)in Ayeyarwaddy Division. It is a very convienient drive from Yangon via Pathein taking about 6 hours. There are numbers of bungalow type hotels along the beach with modern facilities.

Activities & Facilities:

Due to its proximity to Yangon it is popular with domestic tourists. Tourists can visit a fishing community on a nearby island where villagers sun-dry their catches of fish and shrimp for their own consumption of for sale. Speedboats are available to visit the small islands in the area. Shops in the nearby village sell souvenirs made from shells and there are food stalls and restaurants offering fresh-caught seafood and local cuisine.

When to go:

The best time to visit the beach is from mid-October to April.


Ngwe Hsaung Beach

ngwe-saungNgwe Hsaung beach is not only pleasant but also full of many beauties on its shore. Especially, a large number of coconut palms can be seen at the beach Hermit crabs and red crabs may be seen moving slowly and looking towards the sea. There were forests and wildlife conservation programmes in Ngwe Hsaung. Rare birds such as silver - head falcon, eagle and falcon plus rare species of aquatic creatures can be found in Ngwe Hsaung region. The beauty at the rocks in Ngwe Hsaung can be found on lover's Island to which one can reach walking along the beach. A beautiful sunset of the Bay of Bengal can be viewed from the Lover's Island. There is also a pagoda named. Kyauk Maumg-hna-ma(brother and sister rocks). There are also another two Hsu-taung-pyi pagodas on two rocks sticking out into the sea.

How to get there:

Ngwe Saung can be reached by car from the capital Yangon in approximately seven hours drive.
The journey takes travelers on a partly bumpy and pot-holed road across the alluvial Ayeyarwaddy Delta region. As an alternative to road travel, it is now possible to travel from Yangon to the Pathein River by boat, a journey of approximately 16 hours through picturesque scenery, passing homesteads and typical villages dotted along the riverbanks.

Activities & Facilities:

There is no quicksand on the beach so the visitors can enjoy strolling along the beach, playing football, and volleyball, cycling, riding an horses, riding on bullock-cart. Those visiting Ngwe Hsaung can enjoy the benefit of health by swimming in sea water and having various kinds of sea food. There are newly constructed bungalows with local flavor but equipped with modern facilities. Fringed with palm trees, all hotels face the beach.
Ngwe Saung elephant camp, Ayeyawady Division.

The camp, in the Rakhine Yoma(mountain ranges) is only 30minutes drive from NgweSaung Beach on the Bay of Bengal. The elephants are kept in the camp during the morning and allowed to forage in the surrounding jungle during the afternoon. Visitors who stay overnight may accompany the majouts as they head into the jungle to find their elephants and bring them back to the camp. The entrance fee for foreigners is US$5 and an elephant ride costs another US$5.

When to go:

The best time to visit the beach is from mid-October to April.


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