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Important Information In Myanmar

Internet Access

Now in Myanmar, Internet access are widely used. In some areas you can have Wi–Fi connection with free of charge.You  can also use connection at your hotel business centre and some hotels have Wi-Fi connection too. There are many cyber cafes everywhere and  you can use internet  there too. The usage cost is round about US$1 per hour. You can use internet with the mobile data, if you rent sim card at the airport.

Mobile Phone

International roaming is possible in our country.

You can buy the prepaid sim-card (disposal) and the cost is round about USD 25 per card. This card can be used only  in GSM mobile phone. For Incoming Call, it will be charged USD 0.05 per minute,  the charge for outgoing call in local  is USD 0.25 per minute and for overseas call  is USD 1.5 per minute to Asia and USD 1.5 per minute to Europe; and the card's  validity is only one month. In addition, you can borrow Mobile Phone at Yadanarpon Teleport Counter at Yangon International Airport.

If you want to call Over sea from your hotel room, sometime the phone is ringing and nobody pick-up the telephone from other side, but you will pay USD 5 per minute for telephone charges. This is automatic system applied by our Government for telecommunication ,i.e, if the phone is ringing for 15 seconds,  you will get automatically charged. This should be awared for the foreign visitors before making an oversea call from Hotel room.

Camera & Viedo Fees

In Famous Pagodas, you will need to pay Camera and Video fees and the cost is starting from USD 1-3.

Gratuities & Tipping

Tips for the Hotel bell men and porters are not included in our services. Myanmar in nature are simple thinking and simple living. and  always ready to help everyone, and especially willing to help visitors from foreign countries, to show  our hospitality as a host country, without expecting  anything in return. But if any person is nice to you during your trip, a gratuity would be a generous gesture and greatly appreciated.

There  are no exactly official rules about tipping system but these are some advice for the Tips as follows:

  • For Hotel Tips-USD 2 per luggage
  • For Driver Tips-USD 10-15 (not per day) each destination
  • For Guide Tips-Depends on clients(normally USD 5 per day per pax)

Wire Plug

For Video and Camera Charging, there are the Plug Ports at hotels, mostly they are 2 Pin Plugs and if it is not compactable with your electronic devices,  you can contact to Reception and can borrow the adaptor with free of charge.

Credit Card

Credit Card can be used at hotels and some Travel Agents. You can withdrawl maximum $500/day from the ATM Machines. They can accept VISA & MASTERCARDS.

Food & Drinks

Myanmar cuisine includes rice  or noodles as staple dishes, usually served with a variety of side dishes: curries with meat or fish, vegetables, salads, soup, condiments etc. Myanmar curries tend to be less chilli – hot than those served in Thailand. In order to give travelers a true  feeling for the Myanmar, restaurant and food are carefully selected for hygiene as well as gastronomic considerations. There are many good local restaurants with almost the same quality of food and hygiene as hotels. Guides are not allowed to sit at same table with the guests while dining. If you would like to invite our guide to join the lunch or dinner, it should be directly requested to the agent.

Money Exchange

There are government official exchange counters from the private banks available at Yangon  International Airport , at the Thein Phyu Road(Lower Block)  and at downtown. You can change your Notes (preferably USD, EUR and SGD) there without needing to be nervous. There are several black marketers in Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market) as well. You may also change at the hotel reception desks. Usually, the best exchange rate you can get is only in Yangon. Normally, $100 Notes can get better rate than smaller Notes. You may need to bring the new, fresh and Clean notes, as you may get the lower rate if the Notes are stained or torn.

Important Information

We advise all visitors coming to Myanmar to dress properly, as it can be offensive wearing shorts, mini skirts or revealing clothing, which are not appropriate at all, especially when  visiting Temple or any holy site in Myanmar.
Please dress with respect and have respect for the Culture and Religion. Light clothing, cotton and cool fabrics are suitable the whole year round. For winter, sweater or sport coat and may be socks are needed in places like Kalaw, Inle, in the Southern Shan State, as it is quite cold during the night. Foot wear; please bring Sandals as it is convenient, when paying a visit to Temples  and Monastery. Guest are requested to take-off their foot wears at every religious site and when entering private home for polite sake. Flip-flop or Myanmar slippers can be purchased in all cities.


There is no much in the way of western style entertainment in Myanmar but Yangon has some good western restaurants and there are few bars and nightclubs, notably in the city’s international hotels. In the rest of the country entertainment is mainly confined to some good Chinese and Myanmar restaurants and the ubiquitous teashops.


No  inoculation or vaccination are required unless coming from or passing through an infected area. Guests should bring sufficient medication with you if or needed and should enquire for updated heath recommendation before coming to Myanmar, regarding hepatitis, malaria, typhoid, etc.


The currency of Myanmar is “Kyat”. Present denominations in notes are -  Kyats .: 10,000, 5000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1
For the Hotel and Air Ticket fees, you have to pay in USD.

Ticket Confirmation

You have to reconfirm your international tickets with respective airline before you leave. Our experienced and helpful guides & staff are happy to assist you.

Airport Tax

Yangon International Airport tax is $10 per person. But it is included in the air ticket charges. For domestic airport, 1000 kyats per person. You need to pay at the travel agent where you buy the tickets.


Seasonal changes in the monsoon wind directions create summer, rainy and winter seasons. Summer season starts from March to May. Rainy season starts from June to September and Winter starts from October to February. The best time to visit Myanmar is during October to May, however whole Myanmar is good to travel round the year.

Generally, Myanmar has three seasons. The monsoon or rainy season is from May to October, the cool dry season from November to February, and the hot season from March to May. As the country is large and diverse with many mountainous regions and forests, temperatures vary from region to region. Weather is generally temperate and cool in the north and northeastern parts. During the rainy season, lower Myanmar and coastal areas enjoy heavy rain-showers but it is dry and pleasant in central regions. Myanmar is a year-round tourist destination.


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